HubSpot + Motion AI

On December 31st, 2018, Motion AI will be phased out in favor of HubSpot Conversations.

Conversations is built on top of HubSpot CRM and includes live chat, chatbots, team email, and a universal inbox to manage it all.

Can I directly port my Motion AI bots to HubSpot, or import my data to HubSpot?
Because of differences in features, it is not possible to directly port your existing bots to the new platform. Bots on the HubSpot platform will need to be rebuilt in order to take advantage of the CRM integration and other features.

Not all Motion AI features are currently available in HubSpot, but we are continuing to add more features.

How can I export my Motion AI data?
We have created the ability to export the raw data from your bots by clicking the "Export Data" button here:

This export contains JSON files with the bot's metadata, and individual module metadata.

How can I delete my Motion AI data when I am done?
You may delete the messages your bots have sent/received by going here and selecting "Delete All".

Bot data can be removed by individually deleting bots, or will be removed on December 31st.