HubSpot + Motion AI

On September 20th, 2017, HubSpot acquired Motion AI.

Since 2006, HubSpot’s been on a mission to transform the way businesses market, sell, and grow. Together, we hope to help more businesses transform the way they connect with prospects and customers by making chatbots accessible to all.

What will happen to my bots?
Nothing! Your bots will continue to function as they always have with no interruption or change.

Why are new signups disabled?
Over the next several months, the Motion AI and HubSpot teams will be focused on aligning our technology and building new features that combine the power of bots with the rich data and insights of HubSpot. During this period, we want to continue providing our existing Motion AI customers with the high level of service they’ve come to know and appreciate. For that reason, we’ve decided to put a temporary pause on brand new signups.

Will there be changes to my current pricing plan?
Your pricing will not change.

How will the product roadmap be affected?
We are just as dedicated to innovating and improving upon the conversational design process as always. With additional resources, we will be able to iterate faster and better than before. We can’t wait to share what our teams are working on!

How will support options be affected?
They won’t :) You will have access to the same support options as always.

What’s the long term plan?
Eventually, we’ll get to a place where Motion AI is fully integrated with and built into the HubSpot product. Our journey there might include a few bumps along the way. That said, we still want to enable you to experiment, build bots, and continue on with all the cool stuff you’ve been doing. We promise to be totally transparent. We’ll let you know as new functionality becomes available and fill you in on what to expect if we make changes to any of the existing features you’ve been enjoying.

Are you still offering Enterprise services or professional service engagements?
At this time, we are not currently provisioning new Enterprise accounts or starting new service engagements (such as custom deployments or bot building services)

We are happy to assist with your needs or provide support for your usage of the platform. Please reach out or create a ticket if you have any questions.

HubSpot + Motion AI