Each time your bot responds, that reply corresponds with a "Module".

Collectively, a series of modules create and define the flow of conversation. It is possible to create complex flows of conversation through the use of Connections.

There are several types of modules, each of which have slightly different behavior. The types of modules you choose to utilize depends on the type of bot you're creating, and the data you would like to gather.

Module Types

When you click the "Add Module" button for your bot, you will see a list of module types. Below is our current set of offered module types, with a description and example of usage.

Got an idea for a handy module we don't offer? Let us know!

Extracted Data

Bot Statement

The simplest of modules, bot statement is best for situations when you have no expectation of what the user's response might be. Think of it as a free-form text field.


Multiple Choice

Intended for situations where a number of defined options or answers exist to a given question.

Sentiment (Yes/No)

Formatting and extraction of data for Yes / No questions.

Email Collection

Extracts an email address from an abstract response

URL Collection

Extracts a URL from an abstract response

Number Collection

Converts both numeric and phonetical numbers into integers.

Phone Number Collection

Extracts and validates telephone numbers based on selected country codes.

Date/Time Collection

Extracts and validates an ISO string date stamp

Address Collection

Extracts and validates a geolocation address, if detected

Duration Parsing

Extracts representations of time and parses them into total seconds

Get Name

Extracts the user's name from user input