Referencing Prior Responses

You can invoke prior responses and extracted data from the conversation flow through the use of special tags.

This is particularly useful for confirming information or repeating data back to the end-user.

Prior Response Text

To invoke prior responses, insert a tag within your bot response like this:

[responseTo module=508159 fallback=Stranger]

Where 508159 is a module ID, and Stranger is the text to use if no data was found.

Let's assume that module ID 508159 asked the user for their name... By including the tag above in a later module, you could repeat the user's name back to them.

Prior Extracted Data

Much like prior responses, you can also invoke prior Extracted Data strings from modules.

Take this example:
You said [extractedData module=508152 fallback=yes]

Assuming module ID 508152 was a sentiment (yes/no) module, this would render as You said no
, assuming they had previously responded to module 508152 with a "no" response.

If for some reason no data was collected, it would fallback to yes.