Getting Started

You're only moments away from creating and deploying your first chatbot!

If you haven't already, sign up for our service. Once you have logged into your account, click "My Bots" on the left side of your Dashboard.

Next, click "Create Bot" and select the medium you would like your bot to live on. Different mediums have different levels of configuration required to get up and going. If you'd like additional information and help, check out the "Bot Mediums" doc pages on the left sidebar.

For purposes of this demonstration, we'll create a web-based chatbot. Simply name your bot, and click "Create Bot!"

Once you've created a bot, you'll be directed to your bot's editor page. Every new bot contains a set of example modules to demonstrate how the platform works.

To begin with, try clicking the "Test Bot" button to begin a conversation with the bot.

How Bots Work

Each bot response corresponds with a "Module". To modify the modules, click the "Configure" button on the desired Module. Collectively, a series of modules create and define the flow of conversation.

Complex conversation flows can be structured through the use of Connections (represented by the color-coded flowchart lines) ... you can setup and define connections within each Module's configuration screen.

Many different types of modules exist. Click the "Add Module" button to see a list of them, and browse our Module documentation on the left sidebar for more information.

And there you have it!

Browse around the documentation for more advanced topics.

We've worked hard to make the process of building and deploying bots as painless (and fun!) as possible. We're continually improving our platform and can't wait to see what you build!